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Orlando, Florida

Aquatica Orlando Prepares to Take Guests to the Depths of the Sea with Tassie's Underwater Twist, Coming Spring 2024

13 Dec 2023

Aquatica Orlando is getting ready to welcome guests to an underwater adventure like no other with Tassie's Underwater Twist, the Park's newest addition coming in Spring of 2024.

Tassie's Underwater Twist will be an all-new immersive waterslide that will transform the guest ride experience into an awe-inspiring journey through Australia's Shark Bay seagrass meadow. It will transport guests to the depths of the ocean, where they'll glide through a vibrant underwater world teeming with marine life.

Manufactured by WhiteWater West Industries, the enhanced slide measures 129 feet in length and features a super-bowl element enjoyed by riders on a two-person innertube. As the rider reaches the unique bowl of the slide they’ll begin to circle around the basin and find themselves surrounded by lush seagrass meadows, schools of colourful fish, and even the occasional shark. To enhance the immersive experience, Tassie's Underwater Twist will feature a synchronised video display and a captivating orchestral score.  The video projections will bring the underwater world to life, while the music will evoke a sense of wonder and excitement.

Tassie's Underwater Twist will also provide an educational perspective for guests. Visual components along the path of the ride will enlighten visitors about the importance of seagrass meadows and the marine life that depends on them.


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