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Orlando, Florida


Welcome to Aquatica, a splashy watery park full of super-sized slides, speedy splashdowns and sandy shores.

Aquatica park map.

What's New

Splash, twist, and turn through over 330 feet of eye-catching translucent cutouts and rings. Zoom past a dynamic new underwater habitat that’s home to a vibrant array of marine life, including Commerson’s dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines, and other cold-water fish. Get ready to plunge into this all-new, one-of-a-kind adventure!


Big thrills

Aquatica is home to more high thrill rides than any other waterpark in Florida!

Experience a feeling of weightlessness on KareKare Curl. Plunge head-first into Taumata Racer, the competitive mat race. Then drop through the floor of Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, Orlando’s steepest multi-drop tower. Slide, splash and soar like never before on Ray Rush. Wanna-be skaters can take on Omaka Rocka’s half pipe tunnels, defying gravity as they climb the walls like a pro. Don’t miss Riptide Race. Starting atop a 68-foot tower, riders will be able to grab a raft and take their marks in side-by-side racing lanes at top speeds.

Family fun

Take a family trip to Walkabout Waters, a 15,000 sq ft play area which kids can’t wait to dive into. Or take your teeny tot to Kata’s Kookaburra Cove – home to plenty of gentle slides, rides and water spouts. Grab a lift vest and brace yourself for Roa’s Rapids speedy currents, roaring high tides and gushing geysers.

Time to chill

Stroll to Cutback Cove & Big Surf Shores to relax on the soft sands. Drift lazily down the gentle waters of Loggerhead Lane in an inflatable ring, admiring the shoals of tropical fish and playful Commerson’s dolphins.

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