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San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego Returns Wandering Sealion to the Ocean

02 Mar 2022

Last month (January, 2022) a wayward sea lion wandered onto a San Diego highway. Good Samaritans alerted California Highway Patrol of the sea lion’s presence which prompted an urgent rescue to save the sea lion from the busy highway. After a full month of rehabilitation, SeaWorld’s Rescue Team, in collaboration with veterinarians and NOAA, decided the sea lion was ready and approved to go back to his rightful home and has now successfully been returned to the ocean.

This sea lion captured the attention and stole the hearts of Americans nationwide, and SeaWorld is proud to provide a happy ending to this story. The sea lion was accompanied by two other sea lions who were rehabilitated at SeaWorld San Diego and were ready to be returned at the same time.

SeaWorld San Diego has spent years rescuing, rehabilitating and returning animals in need and will continue to act quickly when alerted to animals in distress and in need of help.


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