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SeaWorld Orlando debuts new hit show, Dolphin Days

03 Apr 2017

Following on from the success of Dolphin Days in San Diego, SeaWorld Orlando and was thrilled to bits with the response from guests to the new show which launched on 1st April 2017. Dolphin Days has replaced the popular Blue Horizons show after eleven years and continues to showcase these amazing Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins in a fun and fresh way.

Dolphin Days showcases the individual personalities of each dolphin while witnessing the special bond they share with their trainers. A soaring rainbow of macaws and other tropical birds delights guests, uniting the mysteries of the deep oceans with the wonder and beauty of the skies above.

The show also presents an interactive opportunity for young guests. During each show, one lucky young volunteer is selected from the audience to learn first-hand from the training team in an up-close encounter with one of the dolphins and a green-winged macaw.

As guests are wowed by the agility, grace and aerial bows of the dolphins, they learn how they can help protect dolphins in the wild. The addition of Dolphin Days is the latest example of how we continue to provide families with experiences that matter. Through up-close encounters and unique shows like Dolphin Days, guests will leave the park inspired to care about this amazing species, and take action to help wild animals and the places they live.

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